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When you purchase a vehicle in Wyoming, you must register and title it. In order to enroll your automobile on the WYDOT, you have to register it in person. To register your car or motorcycle, you must provide proof of residency, a bill of sale, and any other relevant documents. If you bought from a dealer, they will normally handle this paperwork for you. In the event of a private sale, it is your responsibility to complete the registration and titling as well as obtain Wyoming license plates.

As already mentioned, after registration, you apply for LPs. WY is a two-plate state, which means your car should have both front and rear number tags. If you're driving a trailer or a motorcycle, you should only use the back one.

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Actually, you have two options when applying for number tags: standard and personalized plates. The standard one generally costs lower and has a state-issued design. The personalized one costs more however you may have the desired combination written to it. To check if the combination you want on your tags is available you can run a quick lookup.

Insurance Requirements

Before you may receive your number tags in WY, you have to provide a valid insurance certificate and coverage. In short, you must have at least the following coverage for your vehicle: For each accident, a minimum of $25,000 is required per person and for total injuries in a single accident, a minimum of $50,000 is necessary. Your insurance policy should also include uninsured motorist coverage. Otherwise, if you don't have them, you could face fines and penalties.

If you no longer need your plates…

In case you no longer use your car or move to another state you have to surrender your current license plates. The same goes for the case you switch to another type for example from non-commercial to commercial, etc. Surrendering is not a difficult deal. All you need to do is to complete the WYDOT's request form and bring your documentation, together with the current decals, to the nearest office. Keep in mind that there may be fines associated with surrendering if you have a late renewal for example.

FAQ section

If you have any additional questions about WY Titling, Registration, or Renewal, as well as Driver's Permit, please visit our FAQ section.