Driver Education

Wyoming requires all drivers to complete a Driver Education Course. The training is state-approved and covers both practical and theoretical components. The entire course is made up of 30 classroom hours, six hours of one-on-one driving experience, and six hours of observation.

Driver Education Requirements

All the residents who want to get a DL in Wyoming should complete a training program and pass testing. It is not a must to be 18 or older to attend the classes. Residents who are under 18 can also apply only if one of their parents or legal guardians is present ½ hour after their first calls.
State also requires all the students have their own registered vehicle during the classes. The classes are mandatory and there should be no missed ones to obtain the certificate. Those, who have not completed the course successfully may be eligible for additional instructional time for a charge.

Teens getting a permit

Actually, residents who apply for a Wyoming DL should be at least 18 years old. However, to prepare the teens for driving state offers Restricted Learner’s Permit program.
It is designed for all the teens starting from 14 years old and those who meet one or more of the criteria:
  • The applicant’s living address is more than 5 miles from the school.
  • He or she has regular work that is more than 5 miles from the minor's residence.
  • Permission is required to work in a family business.
To get a Restricted Learner’s Permit you have to pay a visit to a local office along with a parent or a legal guardian and fill in the application form. If the office grants you permission you have to submit the following documents:
  • Proof of identity
  • Residency proof
  • SSN, if you have one
Whenever you operate a vehicle, you must be with someone who is already licensed and is at least 18 years old. After you have held the restricted permit for at least 10 days, you are allowed to apply for a full "RC", which restricts driving within a 50-mile radius of your home.

How to choose a training center?

Actually, there are a lot of training centers that offer driver’s education. However, not all the certificates issued by them are acceptable by the Wyoming Department of Transportation.
It would be better to first contact the local office and receive a list of approved centers. For now, even individuals can teach people, however, they must hold their educator’s license for at least three years.
This practicum is mainly designed for teenagers to prepare them for a driving test and enables teens to obtain a learner’s permit.