Wyoming License Plates Forms

For now, Wyoming offers you a lot of opportunities to complete the required processes online. And, as a matter of fact, the Department of Transportation has prepared all the necessary forms online. You can just print them out, fill them in and sign.
Please, make sure you have the Adobe Reader for downloading and opening the forms.
If you need assistance locating or completing a driver's licensing form, call the Wyoming Department of Transportation's Driver Services at (307) 777-4800.
In case you need assistance filling out vehicle forms, contact the Wyoming Department of Transportation's Motor Vehicle Services at (307) 777-4825.
Below you can find all the available forms listed.


MV-300-A is for the Application for Certificate of Title and VIN/HIN Inspection
MV-405: Application for New or Duplicate License Plates
SS-5 is for the applicants who want to fill in the Application for Social Security Card
FSDL-705 for Drivers License Application
FSIDC-705 for the Identification card Application
MV-401 for Assignment of Special Vehicle Identification Number VIN
FSDI-916 for Handicapped Vehicle Identification Placard
MV-100 for Military Related Plates
Check 202-022 for a Duplicate Certificate of Title Application and Affidavit

Commercial Driver Forms

To fill in the application for Commercial Driver’s License download the FSCDL-705
Driver Medical Evaluation requires filling and ssigningFSDI-915
649-F is for Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
For Medical Examiners Certificate please download MCSA-5876

Ignition Interlock and Suspension Forms

To contest a license suspension or appeal for a probationary license while your license is suspended you have to complete a Hearing or Record Request.
To verify the Ignition Interlock Assistance fill in the form of Verification of Ignition Interlock Assistance.

Accident/Insurance Forms

If you were engaged in an uninsured accident and were not at fault, or if you have paid for all damages and need to avoid or end an accident suspension, fill out an Accident Release Form.
If you still owe money for an accident's damages and need a release fill in the Accident Conditional Release Form.
In case of an accident and if you have to show your financial responsibility you need to download and fill in the SR21 Insurance Certificate.
An Accident Affidavit should be used if you were in an uninsured accident and need to end an accident suspension that has been in place for longer than a year.
For non-residents who are required to provide financial responsibility, you have to download and fill in a Non-Resident Proof of Financial Responsibility.

Medical and Vision Forms

Application for Disabled Parking Identification Placard is required to apply for a parking placard.
Driver Medical Evaluation is required for a license.
All the drivers have to pass a vision test: Driver Vision Evaluation
In case you have lost your placard please download the Disabled Parking Identification Placard Replacement Form.

General Forms

When applying for a "Z" Endorsement to certify driving ability, complete an Affidavit of Competency
Behind-the-Wheel Driving Certification is required for teen drivers.
Behind-the-Wheel Driving Log is to keep track of driving hours.
To get your driving records anyone must complete the Driving Record Request Form.
Other important forms:
Forwarding Request Form
Intermediate Permit Driving Exception Form
Next of Kin (Emergency Contact) Change Form
Notice of Change of Address

Driving Records

To obtain a driving record from the Department of Transportation you have to complete the Release of Driving Record & Personal Information form.

Gender Designation Change Request

Whenever you apply to the Wyoming Department of Transportation you have to complete a Gender Change Form. Later, you have to take a proof of identity and your ID to the local office.