Add And/Or Change Information

Actually, if you have changed your address or have made any modification to your name you must contact the local DMV and let them know. You may be asked to visit and fill in the request form in person.

Address Change

In case you have moved to a new address in Wyoming you should notify the Transportation Department. The notification must be completed within 10 days after you have moved. Later, DOT adds your updated information to their database and makes modifications to all your documents.
To notify the Department of Transportation, you should pay a visit to the office and have ready the following documents:
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of recent residency
  • Driver’s License or ID
  • Completed and signed Notice of Change
You can get the notice can via fax at (307) 777-3823 or request a sample via mail: The mailing address is:
Wyoming Department of Transportation
Driver Services Program
5300 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009-3340
If you need to add the address on your permit, you have to surrender the current one and request a new one. The permit will be valid for 4 years. The fees are the same as for the renewal. The employees will mail you the documents within four weeks.

Name Change

If you have modified your name recently you have to visit any Wyoming driver’s exam office and surrender your current permit or ID card to modify your data. You have to submit legal proof indicating you have made any changes. The documents acceptable are:
  • a court order
  • marriage certificate
  • divorce decree
  • a record signed by a judge
In case you have not appeared in the Social Security Administration before, you have to let them know about modifications. Then, you are allowed to modify any document. Law authorities should verify your new name and date of birth with the SSA to give you a revised driver's license or identity card. When the SSA verification is completed and there is no "match," you will be expected to provide your social security card with the replaced data on it, as well as legal proof of your replaced information.
Take into account that you have to be photographed and sign once again. In around 4-6 weeks, you will receive your license (valid for five years) or ID card.

Gender Designation

Any applicant who wants to modify the gender designation on their DL has to visit the DMV, get a Gender Designation Request form and fill it in. You have to submit your proof of identity and complete any applicable payments. Don’t forget to bring your current vehicle registration and title.
All adjustment paperwork should be completed by the car owner as well as a licensed medical doctor or Social Services practitioner. If you want to replace your name, you must submit a court order or an amended birth certificate with your updated data on it.
Before a driver's license or identification card may be issued, personal information should be corrected by the Social Security Administration.

Title Search

If you need to buy a new vehicle or check the status of your title, you can run a Wyoming Title Search. Wyoming charges a $5 fee, which must be linked to the MV-220 form. To do a lookup, you'll also need your VIN number.
WY recently prohibited the distribution of personal data in order to prevent information leaks. To conduct a search, you must supply VIN digits, title number, or the legal owner's name.
If you want to run a Wyoming License Plate Registration Search, you must include the plate numeral, type of permit (passenger car, truck, motorbike, etc.), make, and year in your request.

Search Requirements

To check your WY automobile title and/or lienholder information you may need to submit the following steps:
  • Fill in your Name and Surname
  • Provide your birthdate as specified in your passport or any other proof of identity
  • ID number, driver's license, or learner's permit
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number's (SSN)

Out-of-state lookup

Whenever you are out of state and need a vehicle’s status info, you can mail the required documents along with applicable payment checks and make a request for data. However, you must include a letter indicating you need the info for another state.
In case any governmental agency or political subdivision wants to acquire the results, there is a fee waiver available.
To check the status contact DOT via the following mail:
WYDOT-Motor Vehicle Services
5300 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyenne WY 82009
(307)777-4883 or (307)777-4710 or (307)777-4709

Additional Tips and Tricks

Actually, it is recommended to use the WY driver’s license/ID info for individuals or the FEIN (No. of Federal Employer Identification) for non-individual (i.e., businesses, trusts, etc.) inquiries.
Don’t ever use the letter “O” instead of the digit “0”. The same is for “Q” and “I” as they are not even used in the standards VINs.
The Department of Transportation encourages you to use only official sources for a lookup. There are a lot of websites that try to charge money from you illegally. No company has a right to give you the personal data of the car owner.

Abandoned Vehicle Owner Search

Property owners who have noticed any abandoned automobile or motorcycle on their property can ask for a title lookup. The car must be left in the area for not less than 30 days without any notice. For this case, the Wyoming statute 31-13-109 is applied.
There are also special requirements for unclear registration and in the case of bounded automobiles and motorcycles.